Quintel Intelligence



Quintel Intelligence - A small group of security and business intelligence companies, asked us to help them with a brand identity update and creating a new responsive website. Aimed at an audience of High Net Worth Individuals and large corporations Quintel wanted the brand and website to convey a more approachable, transparent and modern look and feel for their company.  


The target audience were identified as key users of smart technology devices so we started off by developing a set of fully responsive wire-frames that allowed for a good amount of copy but also for a high use of large photographic image. Once the wire-frames were approved, we worked with Quintel to create a set of captivating images that convey a high end look and feel and had a London-centric feel. 


Quintel's new brand and website has been well received and the brochure we have created for them will shortly be used as part of a targeted marketing campaign.

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