Ultrachem Limited appointed Overthrow Digital to update their existing website with a fresh and exciting new look and feel. Ultrachem is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of coatings and press room consumables, supplying within the UK and exporting to over 100 countries globally. They pride themselves on being a family run UK based manufacturer delivering high standards of technical support and manufacturing innovative products.

The website will showcase Ultrachems existing and new products in preparation for their presentation at Drupa, the International Trade Fair in print media. Further acting as a hub for visitors to explore the services provided by Ultrachem and to engage in their history as a family run independent business within the industry.

The website should provide clear routes of discovery of the company’s offerings, whilst encouraging and enhancing user engagement.


To design and develop an exciting website that utilises and enhances the Ultrachem brand with effective high resolution imagery of the various Ultrachem products, careful use of brand colours and using clear, simple and consistent typography.

The cohesion of these aspects lead to the creation of strong and clear calls to action allowing for greater engagement with the site and most importantly the Ultrachem products and services.

Furthermore, we updated the contact page to include a contact form where visitors can easily select the department they wish to contact, where information is laid out in a clear and inviting manner.

Using third party integrations we are able to enhance their existing static PDF brochures by building fully responsive interactive brochures that are much improved and better suited for SEO purposes, upgrading the styling of their older brochures to be more consistent with that of the newer brochures.

With the combination of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics we upgraded the sites analytics with integrated data points to better understand their global audience using predefined goals.


A visually appealing website that provides a more exciting and engaging experience consistent for desktop, tablet and mobile users. Clear and simple navigation with the addition of an on-site search function makes it easier for visitors to find, explore and discover the products and services offered by Ultrachem.

The updates to the contact page provides visitors a simpler and direct means of reaching the relevant department for their enquiries, whether this be the sales team, the technical support team, etc., helping to keep visitors engaged. Furthermore, the addition of the newsletter signup and integration with Mailchimp allows for the simple capture of email addresses of users who opt in and the creation of mail campaigns to keep visitors informed.

The interactive brochures provide a much more engaging means for visitors when absorbing the information. Additionally, the brochures function fully as a separate entity from the website whilst also seamlessly integrating with the website. This is an aspect that is particularly useful for the Drupa event where users can navigate easily between the different brochures without the need of navigating back and forth between the listings on the website and on the third party platform.

The improved analytics provide a clear and simple means of collecting information on how visitors are engaging with the Ultrachem website, their global market presence and their growth.

In addition to the new website, we worked closely with Ultrachem to produce a bespoke animated video to be used on their stand and during the presentation for the Drupa conference. Combining beautiful visuals with strong statements to enhance the Ultrachem brand presence.

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